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Why Is My Motorcycle Not Starting

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There are many reasons why a motorcycle may fail to start but that doesn’t make the situation any less frustrating. It’s important to be patient when handling such a motorcycle as you investigate whether the problem is one of the following.


If you don’t have enough fuel the motorcycle may fail to start. There could also be other problems with the fuel system such as a fuel tap that is not functioning properly or damaged floats. A float that is leaking or an incorrect one can also be problematic.


Shake the motorbike a little then tilt it to check the level of fuel available. If it’s enough then you’ll have to call a mechanic to check the fuel system. The mechanic will also check if the fuel vent has been clogged. this contact form can help you get some highly qualified mechanics.


Motorcycles depend on batteries to power the electrical system. The battery needs to be well charges in order to supply the high voltage required for the bike to start successfully.

As such, if the battery is dead or is running low on its charge then you will have problems as you try to start the bike. To check if this is the problem, you can turn on the lights then push the horn. If both aren’t working or if only one of them does, you’ll know the battery is the problem.


Motorcycle ride

Although a motorcycle runs on fuel, it has to mix with air so that the bike can run smoothly. If the airbox is blocked, the bike won’t start properly. You’ll have to check both the exhaust pipe and the intake to see if anything is blocking them.


If they loosen up, the bike will not start as it should. Fixing them is easy because you just have to unplug them then plug them back in.


Other problems that could affect the bike include a clutch that doesn’t engage well and an engine cut off switch that hasn’t been turned off. Try a neutral transmission and turning off the switch before you try starting the bike again.

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