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What Not To Do When You’re Trying To Motivate Your Team

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Team Building

In a business or company, teams act as the most effective way to achieve targets and goals given the different skills, energy, and knowledge. However, the personnel in these teams must be motivated to perform at their best so that they can accomplish the goals they set their minds to.

Although there are different ways to encourage employees, not all of these techniques are effective. So, what should you avoid doing when trying to motivate your team? Read on, as this article has all the answers you need.

1. Making up stuff


Sometimes, you might think that lying to employees about their goodness is one of the ways to motivate them. However, this is not the case. Being insincere of how much you care about them or how well they perform their duties while it isn’t the case results in conflicting ideas instead of motivation. So, avoid made-up stories since it is only a matter of time for them to know the truth, and when they do, they may never trust your ideas again.

2. Forceful management

Some leaders believe that comprehensive rules, constant checks, and micro-management might be the answer to motivating employees to work hard.

However, this method can’t work in the long-run since employees might end up being aggressive instead of motivated.

So, avoid bullying employees on a mission of making them meet different targets since no one likes being bullied. There are also a range of consequences that arise because of forceful management. check it out, and determine why you should avoid such management.

3. Exaggerated money rewards


Although most employees become motivated when you offer a financial reward, you need to consider instances when you might not manage to offer the rewards. After all, when you make them used to such rewards, they will expect the same for the rest of the years which means that if you fail to offer the pay, then people won’t work to meet their goals. So, consider different ways of rewarding teams and know that money is not the answer always.


No matter your experience or talents, you got to accept that you can’t do everything alone, and this is where a team comes in. So, avoid doing the things mentioned above when trying to motivate your team given that this demotivates instead of creating a positive working environment.

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