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What Is The Proper Way To Clean Up Body Fluids Such As Blood

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It is essential to know that there is a specific procedure that You require to follow to clean up body fluids such as blood present on your property. Appropriate ways to clean up has a heavy focus on comprehensive and safe elimination of The biological material. According to The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, You should get professional biohazard service if The amount to be eliminated is more than eight -ounces.

This equates to the size of a regular dinner plate. This article addresses how to wash of blood and related fluid.

Safety as The First Consideration


You should never be a cavalier when it comes to cleaning up bodily fluids. This includes situations when The blood or other bodily fluids contain dangerous pathogens. The thing is that You should always be cautious when it comes to cleaning up bodily fluids and handle them as dangerous hazards. Always use protective clothing such as mask, safety goggles, mask, and apron.

Clean Up on A Porous or Soft Surface

The best way to clean a contaminated porous or soft surfaces such as furniture and carpeting is to steam clean it. You can also clean The area through chemical shampooing with an anti-bacterial agent.

Items such as mattress will need to be discarded as they cannot be cleaned. Engaging crime scene cleanup services is an ultimate way to return a residence into a livable condition.

Clean Up on A Hard Surface

When a hard surface is involved, The first cleaning step is preparing a sanitizing and cleaning mixture from chlorine bleach and water. The solution is in The ratio of one part of chlorine to nine parts of water. Secondly, You need to clean up The body fluids from The hard surface using cleaning devices such as an absorbent cloth.


Spray The chlorine bleach solution to The contaminated area and leave it for about twenty minutes. Wipe up The bleach solution and discard in The hazardous waste container.

Bodily fluids Like Blood

In case bodily fluids such as blood end up in a pool, You don’t need to do anything special to address The possibility of disease-causing microorganisms in them. Chlorine is added to pools to combat pathogens. However, Some pools close temporarily to assure that all safety levels have been addressed.

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