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Tips to make you sound better

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We asked a professional vocal coach on what are the tips to have better vocals. Well, here what he has to say.

There is a trick called instant vocal fix this can help you sound better in an instant. You will have to say A E I O U in front of the mirror and watch your jaw movement then you will have to notice if your jaw closed in one of those vowels. The most likely vowels that your jaw is going to close is E and U. Say these vowels over and over and practice that your jaw does not close on every letter. This technique will enhance your delivery of the words and that will be the most basic part of it and that will surely make your sound better. Next is putting more power without making strain, this is a very simple technique to apply all you need to do is point your chin pointed slightly down and your pectorals slightly flexed or if you want more power flex it more.

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