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How to appreciate art?

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Some the ordinary people do not appreciate how beautiful one thing is and that is very different from the artist, so how can an ordinary person appreciate art? Learn art even a little day by day, it will not matter how much you will learn the important part is that you are learning because art is everywhere every day so you can learn whenever you want if you have the right mindset. Next is try making one, if you want to draw then try doing it or if you want to paint try doing it, you can try so many forms of art and think what you liked the most. Making a piece needs your imagination and do so day by day can widen it and it will help you appreciate others pieces. If you really think you like making art and want to be an artist you can go to a class. The class will not be like ordinary class, the class will only take 2-3 hours every day or even not every day so your schedule will not interfere that much.

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