Women love wearing jewelry as a way of expressing their personality and style. Pieces of jewelry that they love adorning are earrings. The perfect earrings can add a touch of glam to any outfit. They’re often used to make a finishing touch and complete the look. However, there some people who have a very hard time when they wear earrings. Why? Allergy. They would love to wear them but allergy acts as a hindrance. Did you know that you may be having an allergic reaction to earrings and you don’t know? Let’s look at some things to help you know.

Signs That You’re Allergic to Earrings

One common sign of earring allergy is a rash or bumps on your skin. Nickel is a substance used in the manufacture of jewelry such as earrings and some people are very allergy. When it comes into contact with the skin, you will notice rashes developing on the earlobes.


This reaction can occur after immediate contact or after a continuous wearing of your earrings. Why do these rashes occur? If you have a skin that is allergic to nickel, the immune system may believe that this material is causing your harm when it comes into contact with your skin. Therefore, it triggers the production of a hormone known as histamine. This hormone may cause the development of rashes.

Another sign of earring allergy is itching. After wearing them for some time, you feel some sensation on your ears that forces you to itch. If you haven’t been feeling like that and you’ve started feeling after wearing earrings, then you may have an allergy towards earrings. Also, you may notice that the skin around it has significantly changed color. It develops some sort of redness. And if the reaction is severe, you may start developing blisters and draining some fluid. You can get more info here about this issue.

How Can You Know For Sure that You’re Allergic to Earrings?

If you’ve developed the above signs and symptoms and can’t tell for sure whether you have an allergy towards earrings, it’s best to visit a doctor or dermatologist. He will observe the area and the signs and determine whether you have an allergy. To make a better decision, he may perform a patch test which involves putting a small quantity of nickel on your skin.

If your skin reacts within a few hours, you’re allergic. If you currently have a severe reaction, the dermatologist can recommend over the counter medications to get rid of the signs and symptoms.

The Solution

Many earrings have nickel which can cause severe reactions on people with sensitive skin. However, if you have a sensitive skin, you can still wear some types of earrings and achieve a beautiful look. These types of earrings are nickel-free or hypoallergenic. Don’t fall for earrings marketed as having lower nickel content, go for ones that are completely nickel-free. Titanium, silver or gold earrings are a safe choice.


Developing a severe reaction on your ears can discourage you from wearing earrings again. If you know that your skin is sensitive, go for hypoallergenic earrings. These can be worn with confidence and peace of mind that no adverse reactions will occur.

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