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Does Gym Have Side Effects

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Regular physical exercise is good for you, both in the short term and in the future. Exercises help you become more robust, improve your brain and other body organs’ efficiency. You will enjoy slow aging besides getting a fantastic body shape.

But everything good comes at a cost. Many starters in the gym, and also veterans can suffer from some unpleasant and irritating side effects. Every gym enthusiast should be ready to encounter these symptoms and overcome them. go to this web-site and learn more about gym side effects and ways to help you deal with them.

Common gym side effects


1. Twitching of muscles – You may experience some spasms, or your muscles may fasciculate. This mainly happens due to exhaustion as well as an imbalance of electrolytes in the body. To avert this, drink water while working out and stretch afterward.

2. The sore muscles – This happens to everyone who embarks on a physical fitness journey. This condition is also known as the ‘delayed-onset muscle soreness’ – DOMS. This soreness sets in between 12 and 72 hours after a workout. The best solution to this is to warm up before a workout and to cool down afterward.

3. Runny nose – This annoying side effect happens to those in medium or intense workouts. Its also called ‘exercise-induced rhinitis.’ It is common for those who train outdoors.

4. Darker than normal urine – This condition is caused by rhabdomyolysis and dehydration. You can resolve this by drinking plenty of water during training sessions.


5. Itching – When you run or exercise, your heart pumps more blood, and this broadens the blood vessels. The nerve endings get activated and send signals to the brain, which then interprets this as itching. The solution to this is not to stop going to the gym.


When you decide to be going to the gym, be prepared to face several side effects. Many of these side effects are healthy, and they tend to go away with time. The best answer to all your gym side effects is to continue working out. However, if a symptom persists, it is time to see a doctor.

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