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Cool Things You Can Do in Milwaukee Right Now

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Milwaukee gets featured as a small big city. Its small size is amazing bearing in mind that it encompasses the lifestyle of a big city. You can never run out fun moment options here in Milwaukee Wisconsin. You can visit the museums, enchanting sceneries, and restaurants.

Milwaukee is the perfect place to party and host events, and have a family vacation here. The small city offers a lot under one roof. Hence, as a local, or a visitor, you never get bored adventuring.
Some of the thrilling things to do here include;

1. Kayaking

Milwaukee city hosts a river cutting through it. It is a great feature which enables you to have a grasp of the fantastic moment. You get to paddle along the river and watch nature at its best. The water environs and the feel of the cool waters are enticing. You can have a stop for lunch or a drink at the best restaurants located alongside the river.

2. Visit the Discovery World

It is a science museum whereby you get to learn and see things in the virtual world. Here, you can enjoy the escape the room gaming through putting on headsets to experience the virtual reality.

You also get to enjoy simulated moments such as a stormy or a rainy day. However, it is nothing get fussed about since it happens in the virtual world.

3. Visit the County Zoo

Milwaukee zoo ranks among the topnotch zoos in the United States. It offers a variety of animals which are either housed indoors or outdoor. You have a lot to do in the zoo.One you can have a train taking around the zoo, or, you can feed the animals.There s a schedule that gets followed when it comes to feeding the animals.

If you want to see the outdoor habitats of some animals, it is possible with the Sky Safari.

4. Harley Davidson Museum

It stocks a variety of motorcycles. Here, the kids get to enjoy dressing like motorists and then sitting on the small-sized motorbikes. The bikes produce noises making it feel like are driving. Also, there is a touch screen whereby the kids get to design the motorcycle of their preference. Here, you can get the kids to compete on who does best. You get to try out different motorcycles and experience the feel of riding on one.

5. Sunbathing

On a good day, lake Michigan offers an awesome beach for fun. Other beaches such as Bradford offers an alluring sunbathe. A lot of other activities such as playing volleyball on the beach keeps you engaged.


The sand feels nice on the feel and also, you can engage in building a sand castle. You can also splash the waters on each other. The Veteran’s park is meters away, offering kayaking, kite flying, and rollerblading sports

6. Restaurants

If you love eating, drinking and having merry, the restaurants here are a must attend. The foods here have taken the market by storm and Milwaukee is trending for its finesse in delicacies. You can review the best restaurants to have the best services. They are kids friendly, and you can never go wrong with, Holey Moley Donuts, AJ Bombers among others.

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