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A Super Simple Way to Make Landscape Photos Pop Using Lightroom

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Most landscape photographs have been suffering the same problem over the years when they come out of the camera. Most of them normally have an overly bright sky, their foreground too dark and in general, they lack the contrast and color.

However, there is an easy way to fix such problems and that is by moving the six sliders found in the basic panel of the lightroom develop module. The editing normally takes not more than 30 seconds. The steps involves include;

a) Lessening the highlights

The highlight slider is moved to the left of the panel until more details is added to the sky. What usually happen in this step is simply reducing the tones in the sky by the use of highlight slider. The brightest part of the landscape photos and therefore moving the highlight slider will act upon the brightness and affect the tones in the photo.


By decreasing it, the photo will have a lower tone of the sky while the darker portions remain the same. When the highlights are decreased, the brightness is reduced while the texture details are also added. Generally, this step makes changes to the appearance of the sky in the photo.

b) Increase the shadows

In this step, the shadow slider is used. It is dragged to the right side of the panel in order to brighten the foreground of the photo. This step is concerned with the look of the foreground and it aims at increasing its brightness.

Most photos taken outdoors have darker foreground and it is important to brighten it as well as detail to it. The changes made to the foreground normally makes that area of the photo look a bit washed but the next step will work on improving the appearance.

c) Decrease the blacks

In the panel, there is a blacks slider. The slider should be pulled to the left. The action will add contrast to the photo and for the washed out appearance it will fix it.


This step takes the darker tones and brings them close to black. The actions taken here also have an effect to the contrast of the sky in the photo.

d) Increasing vibrance

This step aims at adding more color to the photo. The vibrance slider is dragged to the right side of the panel to add more color to the scenery. A point to note in this step is that one can adjust the slider but avoid overdoing it.

e) Increasing contrast

The aim here is to increase the general contrast of the photo. The contrast slider is moved to the right side of the panel to increase the photo’s contrast.

This step requires carefulness because if one overdoes it, it will temper with the rest of the changes that have already been made. However, a small or a moderate move will add a recommended texture to the image.

f) Increasing clarity

By pulling the clarity slider to the right a little bit will help the photo achieve a clear and a sharper look. After having gone through all the above five steps, this last one will make the photo pop.

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