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5 Reasons Why Photography Matters

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For people everywhere, there is something about photography for everyone to love. If you think about it, it is impossible to envision a world without it.

Photography For Sharing

No one would consider a special event without pictures. Weddings and graduations would not be the same without pictures.

When a professional photographer creates beautiful portraits, pictures can be sent to loved ones who live far away. Family members who were not present at the event will feel included.

Photography For Fun


Whether you attend a concert or go on an outing with friends, pictures are essential. Candid shots can capture special moments and make them fun. Your friends will be delighted when you snap pictures during everyday events.

Photography And History

The history of photography is fascinating. Although many attempts were made throughout the centuries, the most well-known example of early photography is the daguerreotype. It became available throughout the world in 1839. One of the most famous daguerreotypes was an 1846 portrait of Abraham Lincoln.

Whenever history is made, it includes photography. Think of the history books you had in school. The pictures from decades or centuries ago make the events come alive. Every historical event seems more real. Historical figures feel closer and more interesting.

From books and magazines to the internet, pictures make it seem as if you were there. You can see what famous people looked like, and how historical events happened.

However, you can have this benefit in the present, too. With pictures, it is almost like you are a part of history when it is created. From political events to celebrities, you can be a part of today’s culture.

Photography As A Hobby

Since the early days of Eastman Kodak more than a century ago, photography has been an enjoyable activity. You do not need to be a professional, or have any special talents. As many cameras are easy to use, even children can be introduced to it at a young age.


From box cameras to instant cameras to digital cameras, people of all ages can take pictures. It is a hobby you can enjoy throughout your entire lifetime.

Photography And Memories

People often say pictures make memories, and it is true. Whenever a photo is taken, a memory is captured forever.

There are many ways you can benefit from these memories. You can take a picture from your wallet to recall something or someone special. You can look at albums throughout the years, and take a step back in time. Pictures are the easiest way to relive days from the past.

You can also display framed pictures at home, so they can be seen by everyone who visits. Your friends will be delighted to see portraits and candid shots each time they come to your home.

Regardless of your age, you can find one or more ways photography fits into your life. When you know why it is so important, you may decide to take an active interest. Perhaps you will visit a professional and learn all about this exciting career.


Perhaps you will take some courses, and learn how to improve your skills. Perhaps you will present a loved one with a brand-new camera and introduce him to the world of photography. Photography has existed for centuries, and will continue to be part of everyone’s lives.

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