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4 You Won’t Miss Benefits of Art Therapy

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The word art comes from the Greek term “techni” which means “craftsmanship” or “art”. We all know that art is used by people mainly for expression of feelings and emotions. Now imagine, a person is having a mental depression, anxiety or stress, and there is a struggle in communicating that certain difficulty with other people. With art, they could express themselves in a way that verbal communication is sometimes unable of and that will bring betterment and healing to the person. That is the purpose of art therapy.

To further explain, here are the benefits of art therapy:

  1. Stress-Free Activity. Whether you are a student keeping up with good grades, an employee trying to earn a promotion or a parent raising up kids, stress is always there after you. Everyday life got demands on us that mostly bring pressure and stress. Sadly, most people turn to alcohol or drugs to de-stress or to escape from stress in life but we all know there’s the harm in having a habitual intake of the mentioned chemicals. On the contrary, art therapy could serve a similar purpose for de-stressing without causing serious harm. Art actually calms and relaxes people.
  2. Progress in Communication Skills. There are people suffering from depression and anxiety that are struggling with understanding themselves and then expressing themselves to other people. In doing art therapy, artists need to convey emotions in producing an artwork. That is the reason why every time you see a painting, sculpture or other forms of artworks, you feel a different kind of emotion depending on the elements of the artwork.
    Art therapy could be a start for someone to understand his own self and soon learn to freely express themselves to other people.
  3. Develop Self-Esteem. One helpful area of a person’s life that influences the relationships, skills, performances and the general lifestyle is the confidence and self-esteem possessed. Self-esteem covers self-worth, self-efficacy, and self-respect – all qualities needed to have a productive life. As well, self-esteem influences the decisions and choices of a person. If the person has a low self-esteem, the tendency is to choose bad decisions. Good thing, art therapy helps in changing perspective and improving the self-worth.
  4. Improve Skills on Problem-Solving. One important aspect to work out is self-management. There are specific life hacks that we have to learn to be better and have a more prolific lifestyle. The next important aspect we need to learn is solving the external problems around us, may it be a family problem, work-related or simply practicalities in life. With art therapy, people are given a chance to make their brains work in ways it is not accustomed to. Art makes people creative and that creativity will surely reflect on their actual lifestyle.

As hard as it seems but we need to accept that stress is part of life. Good thing, solutions, and alternatives could be part of life too as long as there is acceptance of the situation, willingness to improve and action to take. Who knows? Art therapy might be perfect for you.

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